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-- base components (required)



      src/base/ftbbox.c       -- recommended, see <freetype/ftbbox.h>
      src/base/ftglyph.c      -- recommended, see <freetype/ftglyph.h>

      src/base/ftbdf.c        -- optional, see <freetype/ftbdf.h>
      src/base/ftbitmap.c     -- optional, see <freetype/ftbitmap.h>
      src/base/ftgxval.c      -- optional, see <freetype/ftgxval.h>
      src/base/ftmm.c         -- optional, see <freetype/ftmm.h>
      src/base/ftotval.c      -- optional, see <freetype/ftotval.h>
      src/base/ftpfr.c        -- optional, see <freetype/ftpfr.h>
      src/base/ftstroke.c     -- optional, see <freetype/ftstroke.h>
      src/base/ftsynth.c      -- optional, see <freetype/ftsynth.h>
      src/base/fttype1.c      -- optional, see <freetype/t1tables.h>
      src/base/ftwinfnt.c     -- optional, see <freetype/ftwinfnt.h>

      src/base/ftmac.c        -- only on the Macintosh

    -- font drivers (optional; at least one is needed)

      src/bdf/bdf.c           -- BDF font driver
      src/cff/cff.c           -- CFF/OpenType font driver
      src/cid/type1cid.c      -- Type 1 CID-keyed font driver
      src/pcf/pcf.c           -- PCF font driver
      src/pfr/pfr.c           -- PFR/TrueDoc font driver
      src/sfnt/sfnt.c         -- SFNT files support
                                 (TrueType & OpenType)
      src/truetype/truetype.c -- TrueType font driver
      src/type1/type1.c       -- Type 1 font driver
      src/type42/type42.c     -- Type 42 font driver
      src/winfonts/winfnt.c   -- Windows FONT / FNT font driver

    -- rasterizers (optional; at least one is needed for
       vector formats)

      src/raster/raster.c     -- monochrome rasterizer
      src/smooth/smooth.c     -- anti-aliasing rasterizer

    -- auxiliary modules (optional)

      src/autofit/autofit.c   -- auto hinting module
      src/cache/ftcache.c     -- cache sub-system (in beta)
      src/gzip/ftgzip.c       -- support for compressed fonts (.gz)
      src/lzw/ftlzw.c         -- support for compressed fonts (.Z)
      src/gxvalid/gxvalid.c   -- TrueTypeGX/AAT table validation
      src/otvalid/otvalid.c   -- OpenType table validation
      src/psaux/psaux.c       -- PostScript Type 1 parsing
      src/pshinter/pshinter.c -- PS hinting module
      src/psnames/psnames.c   -- PostScript glyph names support


      `cff.c'      needs `sfnt.c', `pshinter.c', and `psnames.c'
      `truetype.c' needs `sfnt.c' and `psnames.c'
      `type1.c'    needs `psaux.c' `pshinter.c', and `psnames.c'
      `type1cid.c' needs `psaux.c', `pshinter.c', and `psnames.c'
      `type42.c'   needs `truetype.c'

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